Abusive Gweru mom, stepmom arrested

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A Gweru mom and stepmother who made headlines on social media for hanging a child (3) by the leg on a precast wall pedestal in Charlton Park suburb recently have been arrested.
Midlands Police Spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the arrest of Beauty Dude (28) the stepmother and Theresa Bimbi (25) the biological mother of the three year old girl.
The suspects have since appeared in court on Saturday for abusing the girl and another 9 year old. They were remanded in custody 28 February 2024.
Inspector Mahoko said the two were in the habit of abusing the three year old and Dude’s stepchild aged 9.

“The two suspects are sisters – in – law in that they are married to biological brothers. The victims (names withheld) are two juveniles aged 3 and 9 years. Theresa Bimbi is the biological mother of the 3 year old girl while Beauty Dude is the step-mother of the 9 year-old girl.
It is alleged that, during the month of January 2024, the three year old complainant woke up with her blankets messed with urine. Her mother (Theresa Bimbi) became furious of the matter and assaulted her with a glowing log on the stomach and on her private parts. Complainant sustained painful burns as a result.
In the same month of January 2024 again, Beauty Dude sent her step-daughter to the shops to buy bread and she refused citing that she was not feeling well. Theresa Bimbi took the complainant into her room and beat her all over the body. Beauty Dude also joined in the assault and hit her head against the wall. The victim sustained a swollen left ear as a result,” he said.
The abuse came to light on 23 February 2024 when the duo assaulted the three year old girl and tied the girl on the precast wall.
“On the 23 February 2024 the three-year old complainant woke up with her blankets messed. The two suspects allegedly ordered her to take a bath and she complied. They then tied her left leg with a rope while naked and hanged her on the durawall with her head down. The two allegedly then left complainant hanging and went away. Whilst in agony crying with deep pain, the complainant shouted for help and one good Samaritan by the name Lloyd Msipa came to her rescue,” said Inspector Mahoko.
A police report was made to ZRP Monomotapa, the scene was attached and the two suspects were arrested. The victims were taken to a place of safety under the supervision of the department of Social Welfare.


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