Beating vendors illegal: Council

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Assaulting street vendors is a criminal offense, a senior Kwekwe City Council official recently declared.
Kwekwe City Council Acting Chamber Secretary Athanas Chidzurira emphasized that municipal police do not have the authority to beat vendors while carrying out their duties. Chidzurira clarified that such actions warrant legal repercussions.
“It is illegal to beat up someone; it is a crime. If a municipal officer assaults a vendor, they should be reported to the police,” Chidzurira stated.
He also noted that demolishing illegal vendor structures without a court order is against the law.
“It is illegal to demolish vendors’ shacks or tuckshops without a court order. The council needs to engage with vendors and educate them on the importance of respecting bylaws,” he added.
Chidzurira’s statements follow concerns raised by Kwekwe Councilor Makomborero Mlambo, who urged municipal officers to treat vendors with dignity and respect.
Mlambo alleged in a recent council meeting that municipal officers have been assaulting vendors in the streets.
“Vendors are trying to make a living, but why do our municipal officers resort to beating them up? As a council, we need to address this issue and find a lasting solution,” Mlambo said. “I am not condoning illegal vendors, but the council should look into the matter.”
Chidzurira also highlighted the need for local councils to provide designated trading places for vendors.

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