Bedbugs wreak havoc in Amaveni, Globe and Phoenix

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A breed of bedbugs (tsikidzi) is wreaking havoc in Amaveni, Globe and Phoenix areas.
Amaveni Ward 8 councillor Makomborero Mlambo said the bugs have tormented residents in Amaveni and hailed Kwekwe City Council for moving in swiftly to deal with the issue.
“These bugs are giving people problems in Amaveni. I want to commend the health department for the efforts that they are putting in getting rid of bedbugs in Amaveni because they have also become a problem and residents have been calling me day in day out to complain about bedbugs,” said councillor Mlambo.
Residents in Globe and Phoenix have confirmed the existence of the bugs which is an issue of concern to them.
“We are just living here as we do not have an alternative. Look at how we have pimples breaking out, it is because of these bugs. At one point one house was fumigated and they filled a big metal tea mug. We hope that the situation is dealt with soon,” said one resident Emelca Nyoni.
Meanwhile a team of health officers from Kwekwe City Council has been deployed to fumigate houses in Amaveni. According to sources they were in the B Section of Amaveni, last week.
Meanwhile Kwekwe City Council is set to engage Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife over cats that have become a menace in the residential suburbs of Mbizo and Amaveni.
Councilor Mlambo said Amaveni is the most affected area and called on the health department to act to address the issue.
“Cats have become a menace in Amaveni so I am asking the health department to see what they can do about this issue because something needs to be done to get rid of the cats,” he said.
The city’s Acting Director of Health Services Isheunesu Ngwenya said that his department will engage the Zim Parks.
“We cannot get rid of them just like that because they are part of our ecosystem so we need to engage Parks and Wildlife to find a way forward about this issue,” he said.


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