Chicken Hut shuts Kwekwe shop

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Chicken Hut, a prominent fast-food outlet, has announced the closure of its Kwekwe branch as part of its ongoing transformation towards digitalization. This move is aligned with the company’s strategic partnership with a German-based firm to implement artificial intelligence (AI) technology for streamlining meal ordering and enhancing customer experiences.

Princess Sithole, the Head of Innovation and Digital Experience at Chicken Hut, affirmed the impact on some branches due to the adoption of AI technology. She stated, “Chicken Hut is undergoing a digital transformation, which includes closing off some non-performing branches and focusing more on last-mile delivery.”

Explaining the benefits of AI integration, Sithole highlighted, “The AI platform will integrate all our messaging platforms into one, and they will be able to see all messages, be it Instagram, Google, or WhatsApp, on one dashboard. It enables faster processing of information or task handling as well as virtual assistants that reduce inefficiency.”

Sithole emphasized the role of AI in eliminating biases and automating repetitive tasks, leading to a reduction in errors.

“This move was necessitated by our airport shop that we opened as we would like customers to order while they are yet to get to their destination for faster service,” she said.

Chicken Hut has also collaborated with Car Safe to provide customers with free parking and other pro-technology services.

“We have also partnered with Car Safe, giving customers free parking among other pro-technology services,” she said.

Sithole said more branches are earmarked for closure as Chicken Hut aims to embrace technology across its network of outlets.

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