Daring thieves rob sangoma in midnight raid  

Staff reporter

In a bold and audacious act, a group of four armed thieves targeted a traditional healer at Greenham Farm, Tiger Reef in Kwekwe in the early hours of 19 June 2024.

The traditional healer, Sharai Mpofu (36)  was asleep in her bedroom  with her husband, Johnfas Kondowe (52) when the robbers forced entry into their home, sources said.

The four unknown robbers wielding knobkerries, an iron bar, and knives allegedly ordered Mpofu to sit down before demanding cash.

 “They were told there was no money and they proceeded to ransack the main bedroom, discovering and breaking into a toolbox that contained a pistol. Along with the firearm, the assailants seized the weapon’s certificates, an Itel cell phone and $230 in cash.

The heist escalated as the robbers demanded the keys to a silver Nissan Caravan. Mpofu handed over the keys, and the assailants demanded to know the whereabouts of the family driver, Elphas Musekiwa. Armed with an axe and a knife, two of the intruders forced Musekiwa to drive them away from the premises. After covering a distance of approximately two kilometers, one of the thieves took over the steering wheel and drove towards Silobela,” said the source.

The source said Musekiwa was later abandoned along the road while the thieves made off with the vehicle. The vehicle was later found dumped along the Kwekwe – Silobela road after the robbers were involved in an accident.

A police report was made under the case number ZRP Kwekwe Rural RRB 5990647.


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