Drive innovation for sustainable production: Engineers told

By Staff Reporter

The Minister of Public Services, Labour, and Social Welfare, July Moyo, addressing engineers at a seminar organized by the National Social Security Authority on Thursday, emphasized the pivotal role engineers play in fostering production processes that are both efficient and environmentally conscious. Minister Moyo said engineers must embrace innovative solutions that minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability.

“Our engineers should be driven and motivated to utilize artificial intelligence in fostering production processes that prioritize efficiency and environmental consciousness,” said the Minister, underlining the potential of AI in revolutionizing engineering practices.

Citing China’s advancements in AI utilization, the Minister expressed confidence in the intelligence and capabilities of local engineers to develop similar innovations beneficial to the nation. “China is already using artificial intelligence and I believe that our engineers are intelligent that can also be able to create such innovations for the country at large. We are innovative as a country, and it’s time we embrace artificial intelligence across all sectors to stay abreast with global trends,” he said.

Highlighting the efforts within the country’s institutions of higher learning, the Minister emphasized the role of innovative hubs in accelerating research to bridge the AI gap.

“These hubs at our universities are born out of research initiatives. We are skilling in education resource based 5.0. The hubs are geared towards propelling production through early adoption of AI technologies so that we can be able to move up the value chain.

“The university hubs are instrumental in advancing research and education in AI, which is crucial for our progression towards Education Resource-Based 5.0,” the Minister explained, emphasizing the need to start early in equipping the workforce with AI skills to enhance production efficiency and competitiveness.

The  workshop was attended by more than 300 engineers from across the country.

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