Drug rehab centre opens in Kwekwe

Staff Reporter
The Kwekwe City Council has inaugurated a drug rehabilitation centre in Amaveni, marking a significant step in addressing substance abuse issues.
The Amaveni Drug Rehabilitation Centre is located in a former council beerhall and will be opened in phases, according to Kwekwe Acting Director of Health, Sister Patricia Shumba.

“The rehabilitation centre is opening up in phases. We will be offering counseling services for now, as well as HIV testing and counseling,” Shumba informed full council recently.

She elaborated on the phased development of the centre, noting that initial efforts focused on utilizing available resources for renovations.

“We used available resources to renovate at the first stage. Currently, we can only provide counseling, including risk communication and community engagement to educate communities on drug and alcohol abuse,” Shumba explained.

She said the second phase of development will involve the construction of a detoxification centre, with plans to admit patients into dormitories.
“ However, due to limited facilities, the center can currently only offer counseling services only,” she said.

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