Gokwe n’anga kills man in ritual

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A Gokwe traditional healer allegedly killed a mentally ill patient who had been brought for healing to him by relatives on 16 February 2024.
According to sources Nophas Shumba (66) of Nyawurungwe Communal Lands, Headman Makore, Chief Chireya, Gokwe died due to burns sustained during a hot water steaming treatment ritual administered by the traditional healer Costa Mudzamba (39) of Copper Queen, Chief Chireya, Gokwe.
It is said Nophas’ wife, Queen Rozho (59) and her son Forget Shumba took the now decesead to Mudzamba for treatment following a bout of mental illness which started in 2021.
It is said Mudzamba boiled water, placed two hot bricks and instructed that Nophas be undressed.
Sources said the accused then instructed the now deceased to kneel down on front of a clay pot with boiling water and he was covered with a blanket for steaming.
It is said Mudzamba held tightly the blanket together with the deceased’s son so that he could not escape from the blanket.The now deceased sustained burns on the face, chest, legs and hands as a result of that process.
Nophas is said to have been taken back home by his son and wife where he died the following day due to the burns sustained at the accused’s homestead.
A police report was made and Mudzamba was arrested.





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