Health experts urged to prioritise self care

By Sithandweyinkosi Mpofu
Kwekwe General Hospital took a proactive step towards prioritizing the well-being of healthcare professionals by hosting a wellness symposium culminating in a 3-kilometre walkathon from Russell Primary School to the hospital premises. The event marked a significant departure from the hospital’s usual activities, with Acting Medical Superintendent Bruce Mhondiwa highlighting its importance.
Health experts have been urged to prioritise their well being and stop self diagnosing.
The clarion call was made by Kwekwe General Hospital Acting Medical Superintendent Dr Bruce Mhondiwa at a healthcare professionals wellness symposium held recently in Kwekwe.
Dr Mhondiwa said the health experts should seek medical attention whenever they fall seek and avoid self diagnosis. He also said that in most instances health care workers neglect taking care of their health needs and this is detrimental to them.
“In many instances, nurses, doctors, and caregivers are solely focused on the health of their patients, often neglecting their own well-being. This program was initiated to ensure they too receive the care they deserve,” said Dr Mhondiwa.
Dr Mhondiwa said this in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, during which some healthcare workers fell ill.
Dr Mhondiwa said the symposium provided an opportunity for staff members to receive free treatment, engage with one another, and foster a culture of health consciousness within the hospital community.
Flora Gwatidzo, Public Relations Officer for Kwekwe General Hospital, echoed Mhondiwa’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of self-care among healthcare professionals.
“We are constantly focused on our external customers, but today is dedicated to our internal well-being. It’s essential that we prioritize our health,” said Gwatidzo.
Various health screenings, including blood pressure checks, VIAC testing, HIV testing, prostate cancer screening, and diabetes screening, were provided to the staff.


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