Invest in property not flashy cars: Dr Chanakira

By Chipo Gudhe

Renowned investment banker and business mogul, Dr. Nigel Chanakira, has advocated for proper investment in properties, citing their ability to accumulate value over time.

Speaking at the Kingdom Affluent Masters (KAM) event recently organized by Apostle Joy Museba of New Creation Life Ministries International, Dr. Chanakira emphasized the significance of investing wisely for long-term financial security rather than hording flashy cars.

Dr Chanakira (left) poses for a photo with Apostle Joy Museba at KAM

“The best way of investing is in properties because besides storing value, they also are a source of income. This thing of buying flashy cars is not a good way of investing. The moment you purchase a vehicle, it starts depreciating in value the moment you leave the car sale. Properties don’t lose value, and please note a car is not an asset,” he said.

Dr. Chanakira highlighted the importance of partnerships and networking in business ventures, urging aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace collaboration opportunities.

“There are people who always say they do not have the capital to start a business but this is the importance of partnerships. Most people are also afraid of taking risks yet the fear of losing is the failure of success. Failure is part of success, the best lessons are learnt through failure,” he stressed.

Drawing from his own experiences, Dr. Chanakira recounted a pivotal moment in his entrepreneurial journey when he took a significant risk to pursue his business ambitions.

“I had to sell my house and went to live with my parents together with my wife and kids but after some time, I then became a renowned businessman who went on to own Kingdom Bank among other investments. Had I not risked, who knows maybe I could have been at the same place,” he said.

The Kingdom Affluent Masters initiative, conceptualized by Apostle Joy Museba, aims to empower local entrepreneurs by providing them with insights from seasoned business experts like Dr. Nigel Chanakira.

Through platforms like these, individuals are encouraged to explore innovative approaches to wealth creation and business development.

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