Kwekwe dams at 50 percent capacity: DDC

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Kwekwe District Development Coordinator (DDC), Fortune Mpungu, has said dams in the area are at 50 percent capacity hence the call for citizens to conserve water.

Mpungu made the call on Friday during World Water Day commemorations at the Mining Museum, stressing the urgent need for water conservation as dams in the district are currently holding around 50 percent of their capacity.

The call comes amidst an El Niño-induced disaster gripping the nation, raising concerns about an impending water scarcity crisis.

“Dams in Kwekwe District are holding less than 50 percent capacity. Zimbabwe has been affected by an El Nino. If the water is not utilized and conserved effectively, we will soon face a situation where water scarcity will threaten our very existence,” said Mpungu. He highlighted that the human body is comprised of approximately 70% water, underscoring the indispensable role of water in sustaining life.

Mpungu stressed the significance of water across all sectors of the country, urging for its preservation. “Water is a precious and invaluable resource; let us prioritize its conservation,” he urged. With the prevailing drought, he emphasized the imperative for farmers to adopt water preservation measures, as the current water supply is anticipated to endure until the onset of the next rainy season.

Mpungu reasserted the pivotal importance of water.

“Water is a valuable resource, and its preservation is paramount as human survival is linked to it,” he added. He also communicated the government’s commitment to averting starvation, stating, “The President of Zimbabwe has assured that no one will die from starvation and the government stands prepared to provide sustenance to those in need.”

Furthermore, Mpungu said that the responsibility to conserve water lies with every individual. “Let us collectively safeguard our most precious resource for the advancement of our community and economy,” he said.

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