Kwekwe plagued by rapid bedbug spread

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In Kwekwe, the rapid proliferation of bedbugs, known locally as “tsikidzi” in Shona, has prompted urgent calls for a comprehensive fumigation program from concerned councilors.

During a recent full council meeting, Maxwell Judha, the councilor for Ward 9, raised the alarm about the fast spread of bedbugs in Mbizo 7, urging the city council to take immediate action.

Reports of bedbug infestations have also surfaced in Amaveni, the second-largest suburb in Kwekwe and the Globe and Phoenix compound.

Councillor Judha emphasized the urgency of the situation, noting that the pests were proliferating rapidly, particularly in single apartments within Mbizo 7.

“Bedbugs have become a menace and they are spreading so fast in my ward in Mbizo 7 singles apartments,” said Judha, highlighting the gravity of the situation. “Last time we had reports from Amaveni, but now in Mbizo, we have reports of bedbugs, which means they are spreading. So, I appeal to the health department to speed up the fumigation process before it’s too late,” he said.

Sister Patricia Shumba, the deputy health director, disclosed that the necessary chemicals for fumigation had been procured and emphasized the collaborative effort required to address the infestation.

“We have purchased chemicals to start fumigation of the areas affected, so we will be calling you to assist us in leading the fumigation efforts,” said Sr Shumba, highlighting the imminent steps being taken to combat the bedbug menace in affected areas.

While bedbugs may not transmit diseases, they are known to cause discomfort, itching, and sleep disturbances.

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