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Gabriel Muchanyu, known by his stage name Advokate I, is set to release his latest single “God Alone” on May 22, 2024. This date holds special significance for the artist, as it also marks his birthday. The upcoming release is particularly momentous, as it follows a year-long hiatus from music after Advokate I announced his intention to quit the industry last November.

Born in Bulawayo nearly three decades ago, Advokate I has made a name for himself as a recording, performing artist and songwriter. After spending some time in South Africa, he relocated to Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, late last year. The artist adopted the name Advokate I in 2020, rebranding from his former name, Biggy G, during the COVID-19 lockdown. Reflecting on his musical journey, he chose a name that symbolizes his role as an advocate for the people. “Advokate I is simply saying I advocate, I am more than an advocate, I am the People’s Advokate (Gwetarevanhu),” he explained.

Advokate I has previously released two Extended Plays, “Royal Devotion” and “Heart and Soul,” along with several singles, including “Ngatigare Murudo,” “Up And Down,” “I Have Been There,” and “Kumarimuka.” His inspiration to pursue music came from witnessing young performers during his high school years. His mission to spread messages of hope, love, unity, and healing has driven his career.

“God Alone,” his latest single, is described as a bounce-back project that signifies a new chapter in his musical journey. The song is a personal narrative about overcoming adversity through faith.

“It talks about how God can change one’s life from rags to riches if we call upon His name. In Shona, we say ‘Mwari vanosimudza marombe kubva muhuruva,’ which means God lifts the poor from the dust,” Advokate I shared.

“It’s not only my story but the story of everybody who’s been looked down on. Each man for himself, but God’s for us all. He will bless you regardless of what people think about you,” he said.

Pictured with, Turbulence (Jamaica) and Don Franco Tafari
Pictured with, Turbulence (Jamaica) and Don Franco Tafari

In addition to his musical endeavors, Advokate I is an entrepreneur. He engages in digital marketing, resells plain clothing, runs a clothing printing business, and organizes events through his company, Dzemabweh Investments. He is also a passionate advocate for the betterment of humanity.

Fans and music enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the release of “God Alone,” anticipating it to be a powerful and inspirational addition to Advokate I’s discography. As he marks his birthday with this significant release, Advokate I continues to advocate for positive change and resilience through his music.

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  • music made from the heart and real ghetto life….respect we can’t wait for the songs brotherman

  • Love your song Advokate I (Gabriel)
    Keep up up up your music
    Blessings from The Netherlands

  • Gabriel Muchanyu

    Thank you so much.


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